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The Origin of Art in Paradise Museum
Following the resounding success of their first two branches in Pattaya and Chiang Mai, Art in Paradise the first of Thailand's 3D Art Museum, officially opened in Bangkok in February 22, 2014 on the fourth floor of the Esplanade Shopping Mall. The concept of Art in Paradise is to express life and fun through the use of art in a way that has never happened in Thailand before. Every artwork is larger than life and has been previously shown in Korea, Japan and in Europe. All paintings were created by 15 Korean artists, and the art exhibited at the museum is presented in a 3D format, allowing viewers to complete the various dramatic scenarios by posing for photos with the artworks. There are also another 150 paintings you can play with, through computer software that responds to your movement.

The Identity of Art in Paradise (Bangkok)
Art in Paradise (Bangkok), the "illusion" and three-dimensional museum comprises six permanent exhibition zones with different concepts, especially Interactive Media which plays on the reaction to the audiences' movement. Every painting was ranged from period or country themes, and there is also a great mix of traditional and new art. The museum is divided into two floors, over 2,500 square meters and 150 3D interactive paintings that visitors can have fun and great memories about what artists try to present. Painting inside Art in Paradise (Bangkok) is designed for visitors to fully interact with, there are examples of photos of how to act with the paintings. It will help visitors have some ideas about that specific art. Though, those who would like to create their own postures can do it right away as well.
Not only are you able to become part of each frame by putting yourself right into the painting, but also make each painting your very own by adding your personal interpretation to its background beauty.

Art in Paradise Bangkok consists of 6 zones
1 - Aquarium & Safari Zone
2 - Classic Zone
3 - Fantasy Zone
4 - Nature Zone
5 - Modern Zone
6 - Interactive Media Zone

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For further information regarding Art in Paradise, please visit their website.

Terms & Conditions
This offer is only valid for Bangkok and Pattaya.

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