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5% off standard placement package & 10% off signature placement package

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Asia Internship Program offers customized internship positions that are tailor-made according to the career goals of their applications. As the leading internship provider in Asia, AIP takes top applicants are significantly improves their skills and employability via their international internship program. Our global team understands deeply how important international professional experience is in today's job market. We are a global leader in the international internship area: one of the fastest growing segments of the international education industry.

How do I get this discount? Simply show your ISIC or IYTC card when making your final payment after your internship has been confirmed to receive the discount.

For further information regarding Asia Internship Program, please visit their website.

Want to get this deal but don't have an ISIC or IYTC card? Applying for a card online is easy, just click on the link below.

Once your application is approved and processed (1-2 business days) your card will be posted directly to you, and can start using your virtual ISIC/IYTC/ITIC right away!

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