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Proud to present Thailand's one and only 4D Art Museum, the museum is filled with 3D art painted by talented Thai artists. More than 90 pieces of art and optical illusion installations are presented here.

Visitors here are encouraged to become a part of the artwork and have with taking as many photos as they please. Feel free to touch the artwork too! There is no time limit and no fixed route to take when you're in the museum, just embrace it while you're there. The staff are willing to help at anytime.

There are 7 different categories spread over two levels which provide a half-day of discovery and creativity.

Beyond the imagination zone - The painting that encourages both yourself and your children to develop imagination and creativity. 
Back to childhood zone - The painting that will make you smile and bring back beautiful memories of your childhood. 
Horror zone - A realistic horror painting and statue where you will enjoy being scared and frightened. 
The Fairy Tales - Don't miss our largest wall painting in the museum, reaching a total height of 10 metres and measuring an area of almost 100 square metres. 
The Piano Stair - A famous piano staircase. The stairs are transformed into a giant piano keyboard. Take a walk up to the second floor and enjoy the music. 
Mirror Climb - A horizontal building facade and a large mirror that allows you to take creative photos. 
Infinite Window - Playfully surreal optical illusions that show-ending windows that you can actually walk on.

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