ISIC Thailand

Terms and conditions - data

Terms for the processing of personal data to receive personalized offers

If the Applicant consents at time of application, further to impart consent to certain Information Society Services, as amended, administrators are allowed to the use the Applicant’s e-mail address for sending commercial communications relating to the benefits and services granted by the cards, and especially business communications relating to benefits and discounts for ISIC/IYTC/ITIC card holders, for cultural and promotional events organized to promote the use of these cards, offers from organizations cooperating with the authorities designated for holders of these cards (mobile operators, banks, discounts and benefits, etc.) . Permission to send commercial messages may be withdrawn at any time by written notification to the Seller.

The Applicant hereby understands and agrees that his/her personal data in the above-mentioned range, for the purpose above and beyond the above mentioned period can be processed by an authorized staff manager, possibly through cooperating third parties or external contractors processors and that his/her personal data will be centrally processed for the above verification purposes by ISIC/IYTC/ITIC Global Office (IGO), headquartered Store Kongensgade 40H, DK1264 Copenhagen K, Denmark, and business address Keizersgracht 174-176, 1016 DW Amsterdam, The Netherlands, which is a service company of the Danish NGO ISIC Association providing benefits and discounts for students, teachers and youth, and this purpose is disseminated and made accessible to third parties in countries with different legal regime of protection of personal data.